7th ECOSEP Congress - Athens 19-20 November 2021

Friday, 19 November, 2021

Different treatments for tendinopathy: what is supported by our understanding of tendon pathology and repair?

The prevention of oral disease in sports, the role of the athlete and dentist

Chair: X Valle

What we do, and how • X. Valle

Training load framework in FCB • X. Reche

Thermography and hamstrings strength test applied to injury prevention and monitoring the training load in FCB • M. Madruga

Neuromuscular inter-limb asymmetries and sports performance: Magnitude, direction, and functional inter-limb asymmetries • M. Madruga

Chairs: J. F. Kaux - S. Le Garrec

Presentation of the ReFORM International Olympic Committee Research Centre • G. Martens

What are the prevention habits actually adopted by the “overhead” athlete’s staff? • A.Gofflot

Impact of long distance running on the cardiac biomarkers release • C. Le Goff

Adoption of injury preventive behaviors in elite athletes: A socio-cognitive approach • A. Ruffault

Chairs: Ν. Maffuli - M. Iosifidis

When You Treat an ACL Injury? How to choose the ideal graft for ACL reconstruction? • P. Kouloumentas

PCL Reconstruction: Knowing the Anatomy to Avoid Complications • S. Plessas

Preserve the Meniscus – Different Tears Require Different Repairs • V. Chouliaras

Innovations in Knee Articular Cartilage Sports Injuries • M. Iosifidis

ACL Injury management: some hard truths • N. Maffulli

Chairs: M. Engels-Deutsch, A. Nanussi

Sports Dentistry 2.0 – Connecting systems • T. Stamos

The EA4SD philosophy, who we are, where we go • Ch. Rahiotis

In search for balance: the French archery team example at the INSEP • J.-L. Dartevelle

Digital flow in sports dentistry: how far we can go? • C. Padilha

Maxillofacial injuries in sports • E. Vardas

Open debate, Q&A

Clinical assessment and differential diagnosis of Achilles tendinopathy

Implementing functional and performance enhancing features into the DGSZM one4all mouth guard concept

Step by step manufacturing process considering key parameters S. Avgerinos

The centric bite registration for the DGSZM performance splint J. Herzog

Examples of a successful usage of the DGSZM-Performance Splint F. Goettfert

Chair: D. Pyne - Eleni Kapreli

Neuroplasticity and sports injuries • E. Kapreli

Neurorehabilitation in Sports: beyond a musculoskeletal approach • Ch. Häger

Brain & sports performance • St. Perrey

Psychological & Neurological readiness for the return to sport • D. Grooms

Chair: G. Felmet - A. Golhofer


Sports and Exercise Medicine Physicians experience of ACL injuries. • F. Newton

Biological and Anatomical ACL-Reconstruction • G. Felmet 

ACL reconstruction in skeletally immature patients • D. Alaseirlis 

ACL rehab in the context of a pandemic and beyond • D. Morrissey

Rectus femoris injury :

Why connective tissue and mechanism matters • Arnaud Bruchard 

High intensity deceleration and Rectus femoris impact and rehabilitation • A.J. Mc Burnie

New way of RTP Rectus Femoris injury on-field test with US portable • A. Bruchard 

Vastus medialis AMI : why and how to treat ? ACL rehabilitation example. • G. Saniel 

Chairs: S. Cantamessa, T. Stamos

Relationship between stomatognathic and systemic functions • T. Takeda

Overload management in cranio-mandibular and postural context • A. Nanussi

Oral health and prevention of dental trauma in children • C. Palimetaki

The Academy for Sports Dentistry & USA Olympic/ Paralympic Committee partnership • S. Mills

Sports dentistry under Covid-19 conditions • S. Avgerinos

Open debate, Q&A

Chairs: D. Morrissey - E. Fandridis

Pathophysiology, symptoms and diagnosis of shoulder injuries in throwers • F. Zampeli

Surgical strategy of capsulo-labral lesions in throwers • C. Sinopidis

Scapular Dyskinesis. Evaluation and Treatment • E. Fandridis

Nonoperative Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries in Throwers • N. Strimpakos

Debate. Operate or not the elite throwers athletes

Introduction in Sports On the Field Trauma Emergencies

Course Organizers:

Dr Amir Pakravan & Mr Nikolaos Gourtsas

Saturday, 20 November, 2021

ESWT & EMTT - Soft tissue engineering in sports injuries and degenerations - Prof. Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer 

Trainers : Dr. Kostantinos Fousekis, Kostantinos Mylonas, PT, MSc , Pavlos Aggelopoulos, PT, MSc 

  • Theory- Introduction to the techniques: Basic theoretical principles, indications, and contraindications, expected results from techniques use
  • Lab. Ergon Strokes: Demonstration of basic Ergon strokes (IASTM)
  • L ab. Posterior region of the hip -Hamstring’s injuries and pathologies
  • Lab. Warm Up and Cool Down procedures with ERGON IASTM Concept

Second ACL injury: How to reduce the risk • F. Della Villa

ACL Injury prevention: Tricks & Pitfalls • A. Tamisari - Ermanno Speranza

Isokinetic Virtual + an innovative way to recovery • K. Tsapralis

Recommended approaches to treat emergency orofacial traumas in a sporting event 

Chair: Kyranoudi Ekaterini

Field emergency dental kit, Kyranoudi Ekaterini

Trauma of teeth and pdl, Loizos Evangelos

Trauma of bone and soft tissues, Papakosta Veroniki

Enhancing elite athlete oral health for performance and wellbeing

Chairs: F. Newton - A. Sideris

Lower limb tendinopathy - what’s the best advice for practitioners and patients? • J. Cook

Shoulders are different - but are they really? • R. Whiteley

Bringing it all together: what to tell the tendon patient on day 1, what to expect, and what to do when it goes wrong • V. Korakakis

Surgery for tendinopathies. Current evidence and updates. How to make your patient happy? • A. Kalliakmanis

Chair: F. X. Valle

Clinical Classification and Grading for Hamstring Injuries • N. Malliaropoulos

Hamstring injuries - the radiologists role! • O. Chan

RTP decision making after hamstring injuries: How, when and why? • G. Kakavas

Medical muscle disorders which can affect athletes • D. Pyne

Chairs: G. Ziogas - V. Scheer

Physiology of recreational ultramarathon and marathon runners: The paradigm of the Athens Classic Marathon. • P. Nikolaidis

Should youth athletes participate in ultra-endurance running events? • V. Scheer

Pathophysiology of ultramarathon: The paradigm of Spartathlon. • E. Theodoropoulou

Endurance psychology: Can flow and mental training enhance performance during Spartathlon? • M. Ufer

Chairs: Ch. Rahiotis - S. Avgerinos

Oral dysbiosis: an incidious threat for athletes • M. Engels-Deutsch

From static to dynamic • F. Di Stasio

Setting up a sports dentistry programme for athletes • J. Haughey

The DGSZM functional treatment concept for Olympic athletes • F. Goettfert

DentoMaxilloFacial injuries diagnosis: from 2D to 3D • M. Mastoris

Open debate, Q&A

Chairs: A. Kalliakmanis - K. Tsapralis

Video analysis: ACL injuries in football • F. Della Villa

ACL: From Injury to Return to Play • K. Tsapralis

Green Room Philosophy and return to play • E. Speranza

Neuromotor strategies to prevent ACL re-injury • A. Tamisari

Chairs: H. Lohrer - E. Kellis

Regional responses of the hamstrings to loading and exercise • E. Kellis

Hamstring exercise and rehabilitation • X.Valle

Force, regional activation and motor unit in the ankle • I. Amiridis

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (cecs) of the leg • N. Padhiar

Chairs: Otto Chan - M. Crema

Clinical Assessment of Muscle Injuries • S. Le Garrec

Rehabilitation of Muscle Injuries: Specificities of High-Level Athletes’ Care • L. Prome

Imaging of Muscle Injuries: Ultrasound vs. MRI • M. Crema

Dental Occlusion and Muscle Injuries • J.l. Dartevelle

Basic principles of modern custom made and properly fit mouthguards

Football medicine and player welfare 

Chairs: A. Massey & M. Ghrairi 

Brain and football, A. Massey

Analysis of a vast survey conducted in the French-speaking sports world on the knowledge and management of concussion in football, J. F. Kaux

MLG-R: An Accurate Classification System of Muscle Injury to Predict the Return to Play in Football, X. Valle

Performance assessment in football, M. Ghrairi

Chairs: A. Pakravan - E. Tsepis

Principles and planning of field rehabilitation • I. Stathas

Applying of exercises in the field during Rehabilitation • X. Linder Cot

COD (Change of directions ) and agility exercises in specific injuries • N. Van de Horst

Agility test for return to performance • C. Praud

Sponsored by:

Chairs: E. Kouidi - G. Paradisis

Physiological requirements in football • G. Ziogas

Oxidative stress and inflammation in football • V. Paschalis

Training load and injuries in football • G. Bogdanis

Chair: N. Padiar

Biomechanical function of the subtalar joint axis – an innovative method and new results • A. Wilfried

Is cartilage articulation geometry the problem in CAI • A. Golhofer                                                       

Surgical repairs of chronic peroneal injuries in athletes • G. Tsikouris                                                          

Principles of management and rehabilitation of ankle injuries in elite sports • A. Pakravan 

Chairs: D. Morrisay - K. Fousekis

Therapeutic exerciseprescription guidelines: how, what, when? • E. Tsepis

Therapeutic exercises prescription for the prevention and rehabilitation of hamstrings strains • K. Fousekis

Therapeutic exercises for the prevention and rehabilitation of ACL ruptures • S. Xergia

MSK injury management: remote vs face to face management, who for what and why? • D. Morrisay

Chairs: M. Ghrairi  - J.-F. Kaux

Current care practice of ankle muscle ability after lateral ankle sprain: French-speaking survey of physicians and physiotherapists • A. Aguilaniu

Screening of the overhead athlete: the interest of functional testing • C. Tooth

Return to play decision after shoulder dislocation in upper limb athletes • A. Gofflot

Return-to-play criteria after ACL reconstruction • F. Delvaux

Chairs: A. Tsapralis - Ilias Tolos

Chronic pain in elite athletes, a physiotherapy approach update • G. Georgoudis

Clinical applications of blood flow restricted training in sports rehabilitation • V. Korakakis

Focused vibration techniques after myotendinous injuries in athletes • D. Aftosmidis

VR and exergaming techniques for Motor Control retraining. Is this the Sports Physiotherapy future? • P. Tsaklis

Important Dates

Congress Dates: 19-20.11.2021

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31.05.2021


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