7th ECOSEP Congress - Athens 19-20 November 2021



Abstract  Submission

The 7th ECOSEP Congress is an opportunity for discussion and for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

For this reason anyone can participate at the Conference with an Oral or Poster Presentation that will be hοld in the parallel sessions of the Official Scientific Programme.

These sessions have been designed to unearth state of the art methods of treatment, new research or Case Reports of reference,  related to Sports Medicine. As such, these Presentations form an integral part of the final Scientific value.


Important Dates
Submission opens    May 1st 2020
Submission deadline May 31st 2021
Notification of Acceptance  June 30th 2021


Good reasons to submit your abstract:

•   be part of one of the largest congresses in Sports Science

•   earn international recognition for the work you do

•   boost your career while participating in the ECOSEP Congress

•   receive the feedback that helps you progress

•   meet the experts

•   make the network you need

Authors are free to choose between oral presentation, e-poster presentation as format while submitting in one of the following four disciplinary fields and perspectives represented in the scientific program:


Physiology & Sports Medicine

The Physiology and Sports Medicine theme encompasses all life science disciplines (Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nutrition, Training and Testing, Exercise and Health, Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences) from a basic empirical science viewpoint through to applied practice and application; in populations ranging from young to old, from injured to recovery and in participants to elite performers. Presentations that explore and describe the acute and/or training adaptations to exercise and activity are welcomed, as are studies that address the fundamental mechanisms responsible for the beneficial and harmful effect of exercise and sport.  Investigations that interrogate these responses using in-vitro and in-vivo approaches in Human and animal models are equally acceptable if direct links to exercise and sport are apparent. 

Biomechanics & Neuromuscular

The Biomechanics and Neuromuscular theme pillar covers the study of human movement in general, of sports movements more in particular from a mechanical view point (i.e. kinematics, kinetics), but also includes research studying the neuromuscular aspects (i.e. EMG, coordination, motor control) influencing performance. Both fundamental (mechanistic) and applied studies are welcomed, as well as observational reports. Attention is drawn as well to the loading characteristics of different sports and exercises on the musculoskeletal system.

Sports performance

Sports performance, at both the elite and participatory levels, requires the coordinated efforts of athletes, coaches, scientists and other professionals. One of the primary areas of focus for Sport and Exercise Science research is examining and determining the scientific bases of sports performance. Studies regarding performance analysis of elite athletes and teams, technology and computer science in sports, observational analysis of risk injury, data analytics, biomechanics and motion analysis, tactical evaluation and coaching process are welcomed.


Sports Dentistry

The sports dentistry include the fields of orofacial trauma and its prevention, management and treatments, the interaction between stomatognathic system and the rest of the body (posture, muscles activities, balance, injury risk), the epidemiological analysis of oral health in sports as well as the holistic approach of the oral health including TMD’s and dental occlusion. The introduction of new technologies in dental examination and techniques in treatment and prevention of the stomatognathic system pathologies and function will be an additional area of attention. A special focus will be on the Team Dentist field of action and responsibilities in different sports.


According to the covered area, the abstracts will be distributed into the scientific program under the following topics:

Abstract submission is free of charge. After undergoing the reviewing process, all authors will be informed about the acceptance of their submission on 30/06/2021.

Registration fee must be paid by 31/07/21 at the latest to secure the presentation during the Congress.

To do so the Scientific Committee of the ECOSEP Congress needs to receive an Abstract of your Case Report.


The acceptance of the Abstract, the printing on the Final Programme and on the Abstract Book, will be subordinated to the payment of the registration fee


Abstract format

Please make sure to follow the instructions below when submitting an abstract.

  • The Abstract must be sent to the Congress Organizer together with a portrait (JPEG format) of the first Author.
  • The Abstract must be written in English
  • The Abstract has to deal with Sports Medicine and Sport Exercise
  • The Abstract that describes general topics, will not be considered
  • The Abstract regarding experiences or studies on animals, cells, tissues, reviews of literature, or theoretical protocols not supported by personal objective data will not be considered
  • Abstracts are restricted to include up to 350 words (including spaces and references but not names or affiliations)
  • Statements like “Data will be presented and discussed” is not acceptable
  • The content must include research that relates to sport, sports activities, physical activity or exercise. E-sport is not covered within this definition.
  • References : up to 4 references must be cited at the end of the abstract (they must fit in the 350 characters)
  • All content of the abstract is in the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstracts
  • You can preview the abstract during the submission process. Abstracts will be printed exactly as they appear in the preview
  • Only at this stage editing of your abstract will be possible
  • The receipt of your abstract submission will be confirmed by e-mail


All named Authors must have read, understood and agreed the submission rules and guidelines.

  • An author may submit a maximum of one abstract as First Author. It is possible to appear as co Author on other Abstracts.
  • All named Authors must confirm that they have given due to consideration to the protection of intellectual property associated with their work and that there are no impediments to publication in the abstract book of the Congress. In so doing they confirm that they have followed the regulations of their institutions concerning intellectual property.
  • The Congress Organizer must receive a JPEG picture of the First Author that will placed on the Abstract book, even if the Speaker will be different.
  • The Speaker can be the First Author or one of the co-Authors.
  • Absences in the Final Scientific Program are not permitted: The Speaker commits himself to attend the Congress. In case, substitutes of Speakers will be accepted in any time.

Presentation format

Presenters (= first authors) must be registered and have paid registration fees for the congress at the latest by 30/04/2021 to guarantee approval of the abstract. Later registrations will lead to an exclusion of the abstract and an exclusion from the scientific program.

Invited presentation

Invited presentations are presented by invited speakers in PowerPoint format (16:9). Invited presentations are 15 minutes. Invited presentations must be pre-uploaded in the Speakers Ready Room one day in advance of your presentation (Wednesday morning for presentations on Wednesday afternoon). The use of your own laptop or USB is not permitted. Abstracts need to be submitted according to the defined standards of the ECOSEP and within the given abstract submission deadline before 19/11/2020.

Oral presentation

Oral presentation format is PowerPoint (16:9). Oral presentation time is 10 minutes. Oral presentations must be pre-uploaded in the Speakers Ready Room one day in advance of your presentation (Friday morning for presentations on Friday afternoon). The use of your own laptop or USB is not permitted. For other presentation format, please the Congress Organizer.

E-poster (not debated)

The format requires a pre-upload of an e-poster in pdf format (one slide only) in landscape (horizontal) orientation (140 cm (55 in) width x 79 cm (31 in) height). The e-poster must be pre-uploaded in advance of the congress. Abstracts accepted in this format will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the ECOSEP Athens 2021 Congress. At the same time, the e-poster will be made available online and on screen at the 7th ECOSEP Congress in Athens. The E-Poster format can be accessed at any time during the Congress, using widescreen TV’s located in the general E-poster area. There is, therefore, no formal presentation time, and no formalized discussion time. If discussion is required, presenters will be contacted directly (by email) by interested parties.



Presentation of the scientific papers in an oral session will be limited to 8 minutes, followed by a 2-minute discussion period (10 minutes total). Time limits will be strictly enforced, and speakers should prepare their presentations accordingly. Speakers are encouraged to stay to the end of their session to participate in the discussion


The title must be brief and specific, maximum 80 characters in capitals. The title has to reflect the paper content and must not include abbreviations.


Write the entire surname followed by the initial(s) of the name, without titles.


The affiliation for every Author must be indicated: workplace, city, country.Please avoid long, multiple and unnecessary affiliations.


You can choose which from of presentation to submit (Oral/ Poster).


  • The minimal length for the text is 3000 characters’ spaces included, the maximal length for the text is 4000 characters the spaces included.
  • Abstracts with expressions such as “results will be discussed during the presentation” or “results will be presented”, will not be accepted.
  • The title has not to be repeated in the text.
  • The Scientific Committee suggests following the structure: introduction and Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions References.
  • All abbreviations must be explained.
  • Specify the commercial name and the company (with city and Country) for every instrument or device eventually utilized.
  • Specify diagnosis, surgical or conservative treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning programs.
  • Add objective criteria used during the recovery process decision.
  • Results should include numbers, time to return to play and a follow-up.
  • When possible apply statistics.
  • Include the conclusions of investigation.
  • Include a maximum of two tablets, or one graph of picture, or one diagram (which will all be printed in black and white) respecting the maximal length of the text.


  • Include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 references at the end of the text. List the references and number them in alphabetical order according to the last name of the author.
  • All the last names and the initials of the first name(s) of the Authors must be cited.
  • Journal title abbreviated according to the List of Title Word Abbreviations Author. Article title, Journal title year volume (issue): page-page

Each reference should appear in the text with a number within parentheses


All accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the 7th ECOSEP Congress, preconditioned the first author has paid the registration fee by the 30/04/2021.


Abstract Reviewing / Acceptance

Abstract submission closes on 31/01/2021, 23:59 Central European Time (CET). Please note: there will be no deadline extension.

By 31/03/ 2021, information will be provided regarding the acceptance of the presentation, along with the final program of the Congress.

The Author may state preference for the type of presentation (oral or poster), however the final decision lies upon the Scientific Committee, depending on the structure of the final program. If not in the Oral sessions, the abstract will be moved to a Poster session.


In case of request of VISA, the Scientific Committee needs to receive the confirmation of the VISA before confirming the acceptance in the Scientific Program.


The Speaker must complete his registration by 31/7/2021. After this deadline, abstracts will be rejected.

Important Dates

Congress Dates: 19-20.11.2021

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31.05.2021


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